Representative Groups

Over 22 thousand students study at Victoria, all with their own views, needs, interests and perspectives. This is why VUWSA has Representative Groups: in order to best represent the interests of given areas of the student body. VUWSA’s Representative Groups can be split into two separate categories: education and welfare.


CanDo is a Representative Group for students with disabilities. We also welcome any students who are supportive of our goals of support, visibility and recognition. Our aim is to provide a group environment that is both social and supportive of people with disabilities.

We are able to provide information and support, liaison and advocacy services to students, and aim to have a number of social events throughout the year.

We can be contacted by email, or join our Facebook group.


Law Students’ SocietyVUWLSS_logo_VER_RGB_72_big

The Victoria University of Wellington Law Students’ Society (VUWLSS) is committed to making sure that all law students’ time at Law School is more rewarding and enjoyable. All students enrolled in LAWS papers are automatically members of VUWLSS.
For more email them, check their website here, or visit their office in G16 at Law School.


Pasifika Students’ Councilpsc

This is a representative group for all students of Pacific descent. They meet regularly on campus, organise social and educational events on to promote Pasifika culture and ideas at Victoria. To get involved email here.


Postgraduate Students’ Association


The Postgraduate Students’ Association (PGSA) was formed in 1993. The PGSA assists postgraduate students during their time at Victoria, and encourages postgraduates to become involved in Victoria’s postgraduate student community.

The PGSA has delegated authority from the VUWSA President to elect postgraduate students to postgraduate representative roles on University boards and committees. The PGSA encourages the University to provide additional support and resources for postgraduates, as well as the development of postgraduate-friendly policies. The PGSA also hosts academic events and social functions for postgraduate students.

Subscribe to the PGSA at or contact Sue Kelly on 463 6973.


The Science Society

VUW Science Society is the representative group for science students at Victoria. Sci Soc runs regular social events, provides academic support, and keeps 

students involved with the latest happenings in the wider scientific world. All science students and lovers of science are welcome. For more information check out our website, find us on Facebook, or send us an email.



STUDiO is the representative group for all architecture and design students. Operating from the Vivian Street campus, STUDiO is there to ensure that SoAD students get a fair deal at all times. As well as resolving various student issues, STUDiO spends their time organising such delights as design competitions, lecture series, BBQs and the yearly architecture and design ball. The ball (mid-2nd trimester) is a visual and aural extravaganza run in association with the Massey Design School. Contact them here.


UniQ Victoria16260_1054778344984_1691607987_107719_6760279_n

UniQ Victoria is a great place to be gay. Or bisexual, trans*, pansexual, questioning, genderqueer, heteroflexible, homoflexible, or … whatever! No matter who or what you are, you are welcome. UniQ is an all-inclusive social and support group based at Victoria University for queer students and their friends. We provide a safe space for queer students to hang out, and get engaged with the queer community on Victoria’s campuses, and in wider Wellington. It’s a great place to meet people in an environment that’s both safe and accepting, and it’s easy to get involved in queer events and stay connected.

You can add us on Facebook, or visit our website where you can sign up to our mailing list stay up to date – we’ll let you know when we’re running badass events, when our regular meetings are, and let you know how we can help you get the most out of your time with us.

UniQ meets every Wednesday at from 12-3pm in the hub to hang out in a casual, open space. We’d love to see you there!


VicCom – Commerce Students’ Association

Commerce student or not, you’ve got to love VicCom. The Victoria University of Wellington Commerce Students’ Society (VicCom) is the official representative body for Victoria Business School students. VicCom was created to enhance and assist in the experience of commerce students at Victoria University. Social events VicCom offer include the Commerce Ball, quiz evenings, steins and BBQ lunches.

We realise that studying isn’t all fun though; VicCom works with VicCareers to bring commerce students invaluable educational events and career development to find that first rung on the career ladder.

Check out their Facebookwebsite or email them for more information.


Victoria Student Media

Victoria Student Media is a group made up of students involved in student media at Victoria University of Wellington. Check out their Facebook, or email them here.


VUWSA International Students’ Representative Groupvisrg

V-ISA (VUWSA International Students’ Association) is a group that seeks to represent the interests of international students at Victoria University. It has two main areas of focus. The first is to speak on issues affecting international students at Victoria University and the second is to provide various social events to foster a community spirit amongst international students.

For more information, you can find them on Facebook here, email themtweet at them or visit their website.


The Women’s Group16260_1054778024976_1691607987_107713_1726440_n

The Women’s Group, is a representative group for self-identifying women students at Victoria.  The Women’s Group aims to be both social as well as representative, and seeks to promote discussion and awareness of women’s experiences studying at the University.  The Women’s Group produces the

Women’s Issue of Salient, and assists with the coordination of the Thursdays in Black campaign. The Women’s Group welcomes all forms of feminism, encourages debate and discussion, liaises with other women’s groups on and off campus, and is queer-friendly and inclusive to all. Email the Equity Officer for more information or join their Facebook group.



The following Rep Groups are currently inactive and need executives to start them up again. If you are interested in reviving one of these Rep Groups, or starting a new one, please contact the Equity Officer for more information.

Crèche Parents’ Committee

The Crèche Parents’ Committee is for student parents who have children at the university’s crèches. It raises funds to make sure all our children’s time at crèche is even more enjoyable, by providing extra toys, books and equipment. It also offers liaison and support and promotes communication between parents and the staff and management of the crèches.


Mature Students’ Network

The Mature Students’ Network is for students who are eligible for direct entry to University (anyone over twenty years of age). Any other student age 20 and over can also be members.


Music Students’ Association

For all New Zealand School of Music students.