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VUWSA Election Nominations Close

VUWSA Election Nominations Close

Twenty-eight students have been nominated for positions on the VUWSA Executive, Publications Committee and the University Council in 2012.

Campaigning will officially kick off on Monday 19 September. All students at Victoria University will then be able to vote online or in person between the 26th and 29th of September. For more information email the Returning Officer. 


  • Bridie Hood
  • No Confidence

 Vice-President (Academic)

  • Craig Carey
  • Joshua Wright

 Vice-President (Welfare)

  • Ta’ase Vaoga
  • No Confidence


  • William Guzzo   
  • Bruno Simpson
  • Zanian Steele    

 Education Officer

  • Lisa Taylor
  • Samuel Vincent
  • Joshua Wright

 Welfare Officer

  • Emma Anderson
  • Rory McCourt
  • Kiran Matthews

 International Officer

  • Lisa Taylor
  • Debbie Zhang

Clubs Officer

  • Andrew Donnelly
  • Reed Fleming

 Women’s Officer

  • Sara Bishop
  • Isabella Whitfield

 Campaigns Officer

  • Adele Redmond
  • No Confidence

 Queer Officer

  • Genevieve Fowler
  • Emma Maddox

 Environment Officer

  • Madeline Foreman
  • Harry Lusk
  • Stuart Miller
  • Sophie Turner

 Activities Officer

  • Kiran Matthews
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Andreas Triandafilidis

 Publications Committee Representative

  • Elle Hunt
  • Keegan Platten
  • Zanian Steele
  • Joshua Wright

 Student Representative on the University Council

  • Max Hardy
  • Lisa Taylor